Your Wedding team: Who to pick and how to manage them?

Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 in General, Weddings
Your Wedding team: Who to pick and how to manage them?

Your wedding team: Who to pick and how to manage them?

Know your friends and family

When there’s a wedding there are always oodles of offers of help, however, much like similar offers in other walks of life, it’s important to work out who really means it and for whom it’s a bit like the classic ‘we must do lunch’.

You will instinctively know who can be relied upon and what sort of tasks, such as research, checking Terms & Conditions, following up with suppliers etc. they are most suited to.


Keep it small

Wonderful as it is to have lots of offers of help, the bigger your team, the more you will need to ‘manage’ them. Around 5 to 6 people works well. Nobody has too much to do, but if you do all need to get together, or even have a catch up via Skype, you have some chance of organising a meeting within a couple of weeks.

Allocate specific tasks

What you want to avoid is the need for endless ‘pow-wows’ with everyone involved. By allocating particular tasks, or supplier types, to individuals, they can focus and you know which person to go to for an update.

For example, you might ask your brother to research wedding transport within a set price range and revert to you by the end of the month, whilst your Mum checks out stationery companies which meet your brief style and price point wise.



It clearly makes sense to have people work on things they’re interested in or have a flair for too.

Have a plan

This need not be complex, however just keep in mind how far ahead you need to book certain things, especially your dress! You can also see at a glance who’s looking after what for you and when their next ‘deadline’, for want of a better word, is.


It’s also a good idea to keep a list or spreadsheet to remind you when various supplier deposits and balances are due.

Thank people

Remember to be grateful for the help you’re receiving: people will be happy to do lots for you if they feel their contribution is being valued.


As Jersey wedding planners we can of course manage everything for you, but if you’re planning your own big day, we hope this helps. We’ll be back with more hints and tips soon.


Happy planning all!