Superintendent Registrar

Sue Groves, Tel: 01534 441335, 10 Royal Square, St. Helier, Jersey, JE2 4WA

The Superintendent Registrar holds the registers of births, deaths and non-Anglican marriages registered by the Registrars of the twelve Parishes from 1842 to the current year, and records of Anglican marriages registered by the Rectors and Vicars from various dates up to the current year.

She conducts marriages at the Registry office on a rota with the St Helier Registrars.

Marriages – registration

Anglican marriages 

Anglican marriages can take place in any Anglican church, and registration takes place in the registers of the church, supervised by the rector or vicar.

Non-Anglican marriages 

Marriages can take place in non-Anglican places of worship which have been licensed by the Superintendent Registrar for the celebration of marriages. A licence for the marriage must be obtained from the Superintendent Registrar:

To obtain a marriage licence 

One of the parties must have resided at the same address in the island for seven clear days before giving notice to the Superintendent Registrar of the intended marriage. Evidence in the form of birth certificates and any divorce papers must be produced at the time of giving notice.

Registry office marriages 

Notice must be given for a Registry Office wedding in the same manner as for non-Anglican church weddings,and a time for the wedding booked.Registration takes place after the ceremony.

Marriage certificates 

A certificate of the registration of a marriage is given to the couple after the ceremony.

Anglican Church Marriages 

Copies of marriage certificates may be obtained from the rector or vicar of the church in which the ceremony was performed when this took place in an Anglican Church. Additionally, copy certificates of such marriages may be obtained from the Superintendent Registrar, Royal Square, St Helier from one year after the ceremony.

Non-Anglican and Registry Office Marriages 

Copies of marriage certificates for ceremonies conducted in Non-Anglican churches, or the Registry Office, may be obtained from the Registrar of the parish in which the ceremony took place. Additionally, the Superintendent Registrar, Royal Square, St Helier can supply copies of certificates (after a lapse of one year in the case of Non-Registry Office weddings).

Changing a marriage certificate

If a mistake has been made on a marriage certificate, for example if one of the couple has used the wrong surname, an application can be made to the Etat Civil committee to have the certificate “changed by marginal notation”. The fact that a mistake has been made does not invalidate the marriage.

Church services and re-marriage of divorced couples

A divorced couple may not be re-married in just any church. The usual practice in the Island was that the majority of Ministers would consider giving services of blessings upon marriage, but a couple who want a full church ceremony had to approach either the United Reform Church, the Methodist Churches and Presbyterian Church (in Midvale Road) who might have been sympathetic and be prepared to accept divorcees for marriage depending on the circumstances, and the couples commitment of an ongoing relationship with the church. The General Synod of the Church of England voted in favour of permitting divorced people to marry in the church of England in certain circumstances (9th July 2002), couples should speak to the minister of their church to discuss the matter. Roman Catholic churches will not permit re-marriage or blessings of civil marriages.