The Insurance Emporium offer seven levels of cover for UK and overseas weddings to try to help you ensure your big day is a dream come true. These cover levels range from Amber, for small and quaint weddings, to Diamond, for more extravagant ceremonies. You need only make a one-off payment on one of these insurance policies, which could cover up to two ceremonies within an eight-week period. The Insurance Emporium’s wedding policies include a range of benefits to help protect your matrimony, including cover for Wedding Rings, Flowers, Cake, Wedding Attire and Cancellation and Rearrangement. You could also choose from a variety of Elective Benefits, including Extended Cancellation Cover and Marquee Cover at UK weddings.

While marriage is one of life’s most magical adventures, The Insurance Emporium understand that there are plenty more passions to be enjoyed. That’s why they also offer insurance for things like caravans, pets, cycles, musical instruments and many other products. The Insurance Emporium’s policies could be tailored according to your requirements so that you’re only paying for the benefits that you want. They simply want to give you the peace of mind that the things you love are protected!