Becky has established herself as one of Guernsey’s leading independent jewellers. Young, passionate and committed to producing unique, hand-finished pieces, she is best known for working with her clients to create stunning bespoke items.

When it comes to creating show-stopping special occasion jewellery, Becky is in her element.

Using precious metals and stones, exclusive to every design, each set of wedding rings she designs is as individual as the couple who will wear and cherish them. She understands how important it is to get your engagement and wedding rings just right and works closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

What excites Becky the most about her job is starting with an idea, working through the design process and producing a finished piece that someone will wear, treasure and hand down.

Becky has a stunning collection of wedding rings, all custom made, and each can be tailored to your needs. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, call or pop in to discuss your wedding jewellery requirements.

Please call or pop in and see Becky to discuss your wedding jewellery requirements.