• The thing that really makes a hen night is the people you invite. Check with the bride about who she really wants to be there – whether it’s just close friends and family or work colleagues too – and make sure you get all their contact details.
  • Think about where you want to hold your hen party. Do most of your friends live in one area or is there a central location which would make a good meeting-point for everyone?
  • You need to talk time and budget as soon as possible to find a solution that suits everyone’s taste and pocket.
  • When it comes to paying, the costs should be divided amongst the group, but the bride shouldn’t have to pay for anything. It’s easiest to sort out the money at the start of the evening, to avoid the hassle of sorting out bills at the end of the night.
  • If you’re inviting older friends or mums, choose a venue that everyone feels comfortable in – if in doubt, stage your evening or weekend in two halves.
  • Liven up a meal by organising a themed evening, for example by asking everyone to come in fancy dress!
  • If there are lots of you going out on the town, see if you can arrange a group discount in advance.
  • Make sure the events are paced – you don’t want everyone to get drunk too soon, so food should be part of the celebrations too.

Boring but important: don’t go out the night before the wedding!

Hen weekends are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the cost of travel being lower than many years ago. Below are some recent hen weekends we’ve heard about :

  • Shopping and clubbing weekend to Milan .
  • Luxury spa and massage weekend in Budapest.
  • Lapdancing and salsa lessons.
  • High fashion makeover and personal shopping experience in Barcelona.
  • Shopping weekend in New York.
  • Riverboat holiday and pub cruise.
  • Sky diving and bungee games.
  • Basic beach, pamper and clubbing in Rimini