Kicking off your Wedding Planning

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Kicking off your Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning in Jersey

Here at ternevents we are big believers in careful, meticulous planning. Well yes, of course we are as wedding and event planners, but even if you are doing the planning yourselves it’s important.

Here are our top tips for kicking off your wedding planning and getting it right from the outset…

Set a budget

Yes, we know, not exciting at all but nevertheless necessary. Regardless of how much you have to spend, set yourselves a budget: it can actually be fun working to stick to it. Honest.

Wedding Planning Jersey

Keep some contingency

Aim to keep at least 5% of your budget back for contingency: it is rare that wedding budgets decrease, so keep a little back so that your increase is within your anticipated spend.


Only sign when you’re sure

We know how exciting it can be to find the perfect venue, your dream caterer, a fabulous photographer or of course the perfect dress.

We usually recommend at least sleeping on each big decision, but also making absolutely sure you know what you are signing up for.

For example, does your venue have minimum numbers and, if you are having a small wedding, do you mind paying for perhaps 10 covers you won’t use?

How many hours will your photographer work and what exactly is included in the fee?

Does your catering quote include everything, or will you have to pay extra for staff, linen, flatware, bar service etc.

Nothing is right or wrong, you just need to be certain you fully understand what you are getting.

You don’t have to do it all yourself

If you don’t have a professional planner we recommend having a small team, whom you trust, to research and work on specific areas for you. For more ideas check out our previous post (link to post).

Wedding Planning

Give yourselves time off

..and finally, aim to have ‘planning weekends’ but also time when you do other things and don’t talk about the wedding.

This adds focus to the times you are planning and allows you to enjoy your engagement, which is really important.


Happy planning all!

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