The Bride’s Responsibilities

A woman’s wedding day is expected to be the most important day of her life. It’s the day where she will be the centre of attention from beginning to end, it’s a day organised by her, as she wants it to be.

And so it should be.

The bride’s work begins months in advance and doesn’t stop until the day before the wedding – if then.

The bride has overall responsibility for choosing and co-ordinating just about every aspect of the wedding day, although in most cases she is often advised by her mother or close friend.

It is no exaggeration to say that the bride decides every aspect of the wedding from the Groom down to the piece of music to which the first dance takes place, however compromise is important if ‘difficult discussions’ are to be avoided!

For the sake of harmony, it should be remembered that although the wedding day belongs to the couple it is also a very big day for both sets of parents as well, so they should be consulted on at least some of the issues (especially if they are funding a proportion of the costs).

The duties, therefore, are to organise everything perfectly in just the way you want but without stepping on any toes. Simple eh ?