With the changes in electronic video technology today it makes a tremendous amount of sense to invest in a wedding video and DVD. Today’s professional video production companies produce wedding videos on DVD, professionally edited, titled and with full artwork on both the disc and case cover. The average life span of a DVD is over 100 years.

A professional videographer also uses state of the art broadcast quality video equipment, with 3 chip cameras and wireless audio mikes (usually a minimum of three cameras to video both static tripod footage and what’s known as ‘cut aways’ and close ups to help blend the editing). Many couples have been glad they had made the investment in a video, because the day of their wedding seemed like a blur and the video helped them recapture all of the emotions , listen to the vows over and over again, hear the final words from the minister announcing that you are now man and wife and watch all the family and friends enjoying their very special day. And if it all went pear shaped they still had something to send to “You’ve Been Framed” !!

When contacting a Video Production company, ask them if they have professional broadcast equipment, not camcorders. This is very important. Unfortunately because of digital technology, many people think that if they buy a digital camcorder this will make them a professional. Sorry to say it does not! Just like any profession a videographer should first and foremost be a professional in his/her craft not a weekend videographer.

Ask questions carefully about the qualifications of the videographer and their company. Ask if they have had formal training in video production. How long they have been doing weddings and other video projects. Most importantly ask them to see an actual wedding they have produced not a demo tape but an actual full length wedding. You might ask why, because after your wedding the full length video is what you will receive not the videographers demo tape. The demo tape is all the good shots the videographer has compiled. To see a true videographers work you need to look at the whole wedding video. Look for steady shots videotaped with a tripod, good clear audio tracks, so you can actually hear the vows. Crisp clean video. Nice editing that flows from scene to scene.

Many brides look for price first and quality second. Just remember this is an investment you are making that you will hand over to your children and grandchildren. Please don’t make the mistake of hiring a videographer that is not a true professional in their craft and hire someone that can capture those special moments of your day that you will re-live over and over again.

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