Traditional photographs, like videos, can take over your wedding day – leaving your guests to wait around as you pose endlessly for the perfect photo. In order to ensure that you have wonderful photos without the misery you need to plan fairly carefully. There are some traditional photos that you will be expected to have and some you might opt for but decide in advance. Don’t miss the chance to record the day. Please make sure you check through our taster portfolios on this site and make sure you choose the best man for the job. Try not to let cost be the main determing factor when choosing your photographer. Remember that this will be perhaps the only time and place where you have all your family and friends at one special event. Make sure you get the best images you can as they will last you a lifetime.

A list of the following photographs might help:

  • Bride and groom
  • Bride and groom with each set of parents
  • Bride and groom with each immediate family (brother, sister and parents)
  • Bride and groom with bridesmaids, ushers and best man
  • Bride and bridesmaids
  • Groom, ushers and best man
  • Bride and groom with his friends and then her friends. (You might include individual groups of friends here – i.e. his school friend then his friends from work)
  • Bride and groom with all wedding guests.

You might also want to record the following: