The traditional red coat was introduced by the Twelfth Earl of Derby (who instituted the Derby horse race in 1780) when, to make a banquet more grand, he dressed the butler in his own riding coat.

Toastmasters, resplendent in their red tailcoats, are used extensively throughout the British Isles for any event where correct procedure and careful timing is important. They will transform a good occasion into a great one.

Things don’t go right by accident and a good Toastmaster will ensure that you have a perfect Wedding Day.Whether formal or informal, you will be guided through every stage with just the right balance of dignity and style.

If you book early enough you will be helped during your initial planning with advice on traditions, timings and speeches, in particular, who says what and when. Some Toastmasters even supply literature giving helpful hints and guidelines.

On the day, the tailcoat will impress and demonstrate to your guests that you have everything well organised and they will appreciate having a focal point for help and advice. The Toastmaster will make sure that you and your guests are always in the right place at the right time without anyone else having to concern themselves with the detail.

So make your next decision the best and book your Toastmaster, now!

David Lister MNGT, Toastmaster and Butler

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