What wedding stationery do I need?

  • Wedding invitations are traditionally sent out by the hosts of the wedding. This was traditionally the bride’s parents however nowadays it is just as likely to be the couple themselves. If divorced parents are hosting the wedding wording can get complicated but the overall style remains the same. We have a range of wording for you to choose from or if you would prefer you could compose your own for a more personal touch.
    Remember when ordering your stationery that although you may be inviting 80 guests you will not need 80 invitations. Lots of your guests will be couples who can be given one invitation, as can families who live in the same house. It is also a good idea to order a few extra day and evening invitations to allow for any mistakes when addressing them. You may also find that one of your guests may be unable to attend and so you have an extra space. The same rules apply for Save The Day Cards, Reply Cards and Thank You Cards.
  • Evening Invitations are sent when there are additional guests invited to the evening reception. They are normally sent out at the same time as the invitations giving guests plenty of time to make arrangements and also to avoid any confusion as to which part of the celebration everyone is invited.
  • Reply Cards are sent out with the invitations. They are supplied with their own envelopes, which may be stamped and addressed. This encourages the guests to reply quickly.
  • Orders of Service are given out to guests before the ceremony by the ushers. They state the order of the ceremony including entrance music, hymns, prayers, marriage and benediction. You should supply one for each guest and extra for the clergy and choir.
  • Menus can be used for either a sit down meal or buffet. They let the guests know what the food and drink arrangements are. Menus can be printed for each guest or randomly placed around the tables to share.
  • Thank You Cards should be sent after you return from honeymoon, to thank your guests for joining you on your special day, and for their gifts.
  • Place Cards are used at the reception to indicate where each guest should sit.
  • Save The Day cards can be sent out as soon as you set the date for your wedding. This ensures that any important guests know well in advance when your wedding will be and avoids the disappointment of them making other arrangements.


If the bride’s parents are hosting the Wedding, then traditionally the Wedding invitation is sent out by the bride’s mother. If you and your partner are financing the Wedding then you have a choice. The wedding invitation can be addressed from either yourselves, or your parents, or both sets of parents.

We strongly recommend that you send all wedding invitations out at the same time so that guests do not assume they are second choice. Also try and get them sent out about 3 months before the Wedding to ensure everyone has adequate time to make preparations. Don’t forget the Groom’s parents and all attendants should also receive a wedding invitation.

Design / Quantity

There are a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, from formal to contemporary. Try and choose a design which you feel will reflect the style and theme of your Wedding. Most Wedding invitation stationery suppliers will be able to offer you other items in addition to your Wedding invitations so your theme can follow through the whole day.

Make sure you order enough!! As a guideline allow one invitation per family or couple, but we suggest you order a dozen more than you need to allow for mistakes when writing names and addresses. Make sure you see a proof of your Wedding Invitation if it is being specially printed before the supplier goes ahead and prints a large number. And ask someone else to proof read them as an extra precaution.

What to Say

The correct wording is most important if you are to avoid any potential embarrassment later on. Be clear and totally unambiguous. Avoid phrases like “and family” or you may finish up with more guests than you bargained for. Just one rather obvious point. Don’t forget to put the time and address of the Wedding on the invitation. You will be surprised how many times this is overlooked!

If the bride’s parents are hosting the Wedding the traditional form of words is “Mr and Mrs … request the pleasure of the company of …. and …. at the marriage of their daughter (first name only) to Mr (Groom’s full name) at ……”

If you are hosting the Wedding yourself, you may prefer to say “(Brides full name) and (Groom’s full name) request the pleasure of the company of … and …. at their marriage at …..”

Remember your Wedding Invitation Stationery will be the first communication concerning the Wedding that your guests will receive and as such it is important to get it right as it sets the tone for the whole day.

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