On your wedding day you want to look fantastic, so it’s essential to start thinking about the look you want well ahead of the day! The make-up you choose should be a little more dramatic than that you wear every day but be careful not to overdo it.


Consider whether you would like to do your own make-up or would rather hire a make-up artist to pamper you instead?

If you choose a professional makeup artist they will offer you a trial makeover which means that you can achieve a look you are happy with well before your wedding day. The trial is also a good opportunity to find out if you are allergic to any new products, instead of finding out on the day, with the photographs to remind you for ever more! Ask yourself too if you are happy to travel to them on the day of your wedding or whether you would rather they come to you? With all of the other things to consider on the day many brides find it less stressful not to have to dash around on the morning of the wedding.

If your budget will not stretch to hiring a professional, make sure you purchase the cosmetics you plan to use and practice your look well in advance. When practicing, wear a top in a colour similar to your wedding dress. This will really help you see what makeup complements your dress and enhances your features. Bear in mind that the cosmetics you use will need to be durable enough to take you right through the day with the minimum of touch ups. Take photographs to remind you of the look you have created so that you will not forget in the excitement on the day!

Don’t forget, good makeup will enhance your face, not change it so much that you don’t recognize yourself!

Skin Care

Take advice how you can improve your complexion by speaking to a beauty therapist or by visiting one of your local department stores. If the budget permits, a course of facials, which can work wonders to revive your skin, are a fabulous opportunity to lay back and relax. Tinted moisturisers can be great at freshening up your complexion too so why not try one out?

Choose your makeup with care if you are planning to do your own. Avoid heavy powder foundations which can be ageing and try to avoid sparkly and shimmery highlighters which can look unnatural in photographs.


Don’t forget to be careful when you are out in the sun. Bikini strap marks won’t look great with a strapless gown and sunburnt or peeling skin can be very difficult to conceal. Fake tan can look fabulous but the results vary immensely. Try out some different brands at home to see which looks the most natural and look and see whether it rubs off on your clothing. Salons also offer fake tan treatments and it might be worth getting a professional to do it for you if you find application of the product tricky.

Radical Action

Beware of any crash diets which might make you tired in the run up to the wedding. If you feel you must experiment with radical beauty procedures such as Botox do so as early as possible incase something goes awry!


Your hands and nails will receive immense attention as guests will want to see your wedding and engagement rings and some photographers like to take close ups of them too! Start using a good hand cream and make time for a good manicure before your special day. Artificial nails can look glam, however, they do require regular maintenance. Ask your manicurist if they will make it through the honeymoon, particularly if you are heading off to a remote location on the eve of your wedding.

And Most Importantly…..

Try not to get too stressed out with all of the preparations for your big day and make time to spoil yourself. When it all gets too much why not book an aromatherapy massage with a qualified aromatherapist and just switch off for an hour?

Have a fabulous Unforgettable Wedding Day!

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