Whilst wedding gift lists have not been around nearly as long as the weddings themselves, nowadays 90% of weddings make use of a gift list in one way or another. Here are some suggested tips:

  • Don’t be embarrassed about creating your wedding list.
  • Don’t be afraid of putting particularly expensive items on the list, (sometimes guests will choose to ‘club together’ to buy you a certain gift).
  • Use a reputable wedding gift list provider. A number now offer ‘on-line’ shopping for wedding gifts which could make it easier for guests who are travelling from abroad to buy a gift.
  • Arrange your wedding list well ahead of time. We would suggest two to three months before the wedding date.
  • If you’ve already setup home, have most essentials that you need but are too worried about asking for money then don’t be afraid to ask for something unusual. An oil painting, piece of sculpture, fine silverware or bone china are all items that most of us never get around to buying yet they can last for more than a lifetime and can be a very precious gift.

Alternative Gift List Idea

Can’t think of anything to put on the wedding list? Thinking of asking guests for something different?

Why not ask your guests to make a donation to their favourite Jersey charity instead?

Did you know that many Association of Jersey Charity members have gift lists for Islanders detailing what certain amounts could buy for people who’d like something specific rather than just making a donation towards an organisation’s running costs.

Lyn Wilton from the Association said: “Many people these days don’t need the items that were typically put on a wedding list and some couples find it much easier for them- and the guests- to say make a donation to charity instead. This could be the couple’s preferred charity /ies or those of the guests. It’s a really nice gesture which is also great for the charity/ ies benefiting.”

Payments to local charities can be made online directly to charities via their own website if they have these facilities or via the online payment facilities on the Association website, www.jerseycharities.org or simply by putting a cheque in the post. Any member will happily give people more information if they need it and all contact details can be found on Association website.

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