Once you’ve chosen your own dress you’ll have a much better idea of what sort of bridesmaids dresses you want:

  • They should complement yours – you should look like you’re dancing in the same troupe.
  • They should also look terrific on your bridesmaids. If a bridesmaid doesn’t look good in her dress it doesn’t make you look better; on the contrary, it reflects badly on you as well. They shouldn’t outshine you, but they should look lovely. If they don’t, they’ll be unhappy and grouchy, embarrassed bridesmaids don’t do anything for the atmosphere or the photos.
  • Try to pick your bridesmaids so that they look reasonably good together. This isn’t always possible when friendships and family obligations are involved, but putting your fat friend on parade in a tight dress with three of your thin friends is just unkind.
  • If you have one bridesmaid who’s more difficult to dress than the others, find a couple of styles and colours that will suit her first and then try them on the others.
  • Ask them what they want and tell them to be honest about what they hate in terms of styles and colours.
  • Make sure they’ll be warm enough. You may be prepared to freeze on your big day, but there’s no reason why they should have to. Wedding wraps are disproportionately expensive but you could have some simple cloaks made out of glamorous material with perhaps a fake fur trim.
  • Don’t worry about it being something they can wear afterwards – if they go to a lot of balls or cocktail parties then perhaps they will. But wedding outfits were never meant to be practical.